Installing a Garden


Along with the chickens we are trying to get a garden going. I work long hours so don’t have time to work the ground, water and weed. So again we hit the net looking for ideas. What I have found is the Rain Gutter Grow System. Don’t have to worry about soil and tilling. And the auto watering is not bad either. IMG_2433

So this is my start. Each gutter costs me about $21. That is for the gutter, two 2×10’s and two end caps. I also went to Amazon and got the float valve and net cups.  Then we started to look for free buckets. My local grocery has great buckets but so far it has been a real pain to try and get them to save them for me. I used to have more buckets than I knew what to do with as I bought my cat litter in it. Then I found a great litter that only comes in boxes. With three cats we are compromising to get more buckets. I use my preferred letter in the most heavily used litter box and the stuff that comes in the buckets in the other. I also have a cat loving friend that I have saving letter buckets as well.

IMG_2435So far everything is growing well. I planted seeds for some Heirlooms that we will try to save seeds from. I chose Roma, a paste tomato and three others that look interesting. We have Mortgage Lifter, a classic heirloom, Big Red and Box Car Willie. I have a huge list of open pollinated seed I want to order but all we can do is a little at a time. I have potatoes in the blue tote and have another one of those to add. I wanted to get a lot more in but am having to add as time and finances allow.

Goal is to get more gutters constructed this summer and get more buckets and containers. Hope I ca get some hot peppers in to enjoy the Texas heat and they should do fine in the cat litter containers. Also want to grow lettuce, radishes, parsley,peanuts, peas and some beans. Some of the catalog I have been drooling over for open pollinated seeds are Annie’s Heirloom Seeds, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and Territorial Seed Company. I want open pollinated so I do not have to keep purchasing seeds over time. I also have concerns about GMSO and seed monopolies.


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