Savings on Suds

IMG_2458I always hate the grocery store trips were you have to get cleaning supplies, like laundry soap, as they take up large chunks of my budget for that trip. I could purchase smaller quantities but then you have to buy it every time you turn around. Basic stock items you know you will go through I always bite the bullet and buy in bulk. Just try not to have too many of those items I had to get in one trip and looked for coupons and sales to reduce the amount I had to spend on them.

One day cruising Pinterest.. another place that is fun to hang out because of all the ideas you can get.. I stumbled on recipes for making your own laundry soap. I make my own body soap with oils and lye because my skin is worth it, so figured maybe making my own laundry soap might be better too.

IMG_2454Ingredients vary some on different sites.. but I went with the Borax, baking soda, washing soda and bar soap. Some sites add OxiClean and for the first time I have added that to the mix. The proportions are 1 box of everything with several bars of soap. I ended up doing one cup of everything and have liked the results.


I had several bars of my older soap hanging around that I shredded like cheese in a food processor. Then I removed the shredded soap, put in the blade and chopped until it was a relatively fine powder. I took it all out and put it in a bowl. Then I added 1 cup of the soap and 1 cup of one of the powders and mixed the two in the processor to get a good mixture. Then I gradually added the other ingredients while blending and once done added to my storage container. I did this three times to fill the container I had previously bought with laundry soap in it. I think the store bought soap was in the $18 to $20 range and all the ingredients combined are probably $15. The container is only using half the ingredients and you only use 1-2 tablespoons per load. The breakdown is about a nickle a load instead of the .12 to .15 per load in the store bought. Not a bad savings at all.

For those that do not make soap you want to look for Fels-Naptha in the laundry isle. That will run you about $1/bar. Because I make soap I tend to check out and sniff the handmade bars at my local HEB, and when I see them on sale cheap, I pick them up. I got the three bars I ground up for the next batch for .50/each.

How does it work? I think it is great! My whites come out bright and everything gets really clean. The towels became softer and also more absorbent. In addition to being much cheaper, I like knowing exactly what is being used on my clothes that touch my skin as well. With the change to homemade laundry soap I also no longer get fabric softener. I have had some issues with my washer as the transmission that moves the agitator went out. The repair guy took everything apart to get to the transmission and I did not like the gooy gummy mess on the agitator from softener, not to mention the yuck in the cup you put it in. After cleaning all that up while the transmission on the the machine was being changed, I decided to try something more natural. Vinegar. I fill the softener cup up with about a half of a cup of white vinegar. The vinegar naturally softens the water and my clothes come out soft and static free. And a bottle of vinegar is much cheaper and goes a lot further than


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