Texas Storms

Gabriel Campos photoThis photo by Gabriel Campos is pretty much a daily thing these days. This last round was more north east than I am but I still got a storm that lasted from late afternoon till about 5 am the next day. I lost power, with satellite for internet I lost that too. And the internet was down again most of Sunday as the provider had to fix several outages. I was thankful I got home after stopping for groceries and got everything put away before it let loose here. Areas between San Antonio and Austin have some serious flooding and people are losing their lives. With these storms happening every other day I have had to think about and deal with being prepared for the storms and their aftermath.

IMG_2524Since you never know what the storms will bring, the cats [all three] get locked in the bedroom when we have storms like this. When a tornado warning goes off I want to get into a sheltered place quick and not spend time trying to find cats. We get a bag of treats so if I have to seek shelter in the closet, I can get them all very quickly where I need them. We have already been through this when we had a tornado down the road a bit and and the tornado warning came across the cell phone. I learned we do not have sirens out here so must watch the  weather.

tornadoWe spent a very long hour in the walk in closet. The cats were worse than children about staying still and chilling out. They sleep all day but in a closet at 1 am it became play time. With no internet or cell phone service.. I was unable to determine the weather around me so was trying to listen for the sound of a tornado. Three cats bouncing off the walls made it a bit difficult at times and tested my patience. I am rather grumpy at that hour with no sleep anyway.. add a bad storm and crazy cats and we were not having fun. I have since added a battery operated radio to my list of things to get for bad weather events. A couple of cat crates may not be a bad idea either.

With all the storms I got new batteries in some of the flashlights and have them right by the bed in a drawer. When the forecast is supposed to be bad I also brings purse, car keys, hiking shoes and a coat I can wear in the rain and put them right by the bed. If I have to leave in a hurry I don’t want to be thinking about anything. I probably also need to get my  important papers together in a to go kinda container so that can also be grabbed quickly if needed.

first aidOne thing I have over looked is medical. I have a few band aids I think around here some where. With these crazy storms I think I need to get a decent first aid kit and keep it handy as well. I do not take any kind of meds, but if I did I would want a backup supply in cause I could not get into town for a refill or ended up losing the main supply.

I am fortunate not to be anywhere close to rivers and streams that may flood. But there is a lot of farm land out here and water still gets crossing roads and bringing with it a lot of mud as well as trees and power lines that can be downed across roads. I encountered some deep water after one storm on my regular way into work. So now I have some other options planned and carry a map. If I feel it is really bad I don’t go anywhere.. but if I need to just take a different route I have those options now pretty handy.

IMG_2459We have already been dehydrating foods to simplify storage and meal prep as well as to have in case of an emergency. I think I also need to get some water stored as well. I have lost power a few times so I think picking up a kerosene lamp would be wise. With my decor being Country/Primitive, functional items like that can be worked right in so they are easy to access when needed.  I used to be a candle maker so have some nice scented candles around the house, but it might not be a bad idea to pick up some cheap pillar candles from the dollar store to have on hand as well for longer power outages as well.

This video is the recent storm this past Saturday and into Sunday. I had probably 12 hours of heavy rain and it backed up on the back deck and water leaked in under the French doors. I had quite a bit of water and so if things ever get dried out we will be caulking and figuring out a way to divert the water do it does not end up all over the dining room again. Just glad I was up and was able to mop it up so it did not cause any damage.

Hopefully these storms will pass and we can get back to the beautiful hot summer days Texas is known for. In the meantime we are going to get a little better prepared for emergencies. These storms have taught me what we are already doing right as well as pointed out some areas we  need to be much better at. Storms will always come.. peace of mind comes from knowing you are prepared to get through them.



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