Learning Curve

I love learning about new things. When I get a new interest I tend to head for the internet and do a gazillion searches to find out more. I also like getting a few books to get familiar with my new interest. There is a lot of comfort in a good library. But buying books can get expensive and developing a good library of books can take time to accumulate. And when you are stretched thin and trying to make ends meet getting a new book is a luxury. But I have learned a fast and cheap way to get a nice library on subjects I become interested in. Since I frequently shop on Amazon I was over there one day and noticed in one of my searches there were E-Books I could down load into Kindle and the price was free. That’s right .. FREE.

kidleSo I changed my filter from the default of most relevant to least to most expensive. And what I found was all the free Kindle books shows right up there at the top. Now, not all are these books would be my first choice to purchase. However for free and available to read anywhere off my cell phone or tablet I was thrilled to get any books on the subject I was interested in. So I got busy downloading. I got so carried away downloading one afternoon that I burnt through almost all my data allotment on my cell phone and have made a note to self to only pull my mass downloading when I have Wi-Fi.

Though many of the books are inexpensive E-Books others are a bit more and discounted. I like the fact I can down load them and have when I desire to do a bit of reading. I can also send them to my phone, tablet and computer so there are where ever I decide to read them. Amazon also offers Prime where you can read a greater number of books for free.. but it feels more like a library you check books out and return. Like the hard copy of a book.. I just like having the collection in my possession. Nice thing for Amazon is I tend to find other books I am interested in and end up purchasing them before I am done.

So if you enjoy reading and like a collection of books try checking out Amazon and their free Kindle downloads.


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