New Member of the Family

IMG_2637 (1)I have been wanting to get a dog again for a while. For many years I was into Afghan Hounds and loved their aloofness and athletic ability. But I don’t have the time to mess with all that coat. The last Afghan Hound I had I did some Agility with and was successful. He loved to run an jump and was a crowd favorite because they have a reputation of being dumb or at least difficult to train. He actually loved being worked and looked forward to our daily training.

He also loved all the Border Collies that were abundant at the Agility trials. After each run was over he would jump the fence and run up to the nearest Border Collie and want to play. We decided getting him his own Border Collie might be the answer and proceeded to adopt one from our local shelter. She was a timid black and white and in time also became a skilled Agility competitor.

IMG_2632 (1)So in deciding on a dog to have at this time in my life I decided another Border Collie would fit in just fine. They are smart, not to big and definitely not too small. I knew it would be easy to train and also would not present too much coat for taking care of.

We started to watch Craig’s list and a few weeks ago found some one with puppies for sale. They had LOTS of puppies from 5 to 12 weeks. I got the feeling they were just breeding to sell almost puppy mill. I had been sent a pic of my five and a half week old pup and when I arrived he came right up out of the sea of puppies and wanted to play. He was very friendly, lovable and full of puppy kisses. When I sat down and gave other pups some attention I felt him puling at my shirt behind me. It seems the attraction was mutual so  I picked him up and headed home.

spencerrI had a bit of a drive to get home so next on the list was coming up with a name. Most critters name themselves in time.. but I still mulled over different ideas while he slept in the passenger seat and the miles went by.

With all the white on him I considered names like Blaze or Flash.These dogs are also fast.. so names like Zip came to mind. Border Collies are also incredibly smart and known for their intelligence, so I decided to name him Spencer after my favorite genius on Criminal Minds. Not only is Spencer Reid on the show extremely smart, he is also very warm, caring and a good friend. Sounds like your typical Border Collie so the name fits.


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