IMG_2634Boy has the pendulum swung the other way. A month ago we had flood situations to the point some areas were declared a disaster area. I am in the insurance industry and I saw a lot of work because of it. And now here were are 4-5 weeks later after a month of flooding and my ground is dry to the point we are getting large cracks. As I have been out walking the dog several times a day I have been reflecting a bit as I watch them get wider and deeper.

The pendulum here in this country has also swung 180 degrees in everything from the economy to what we believe is right. There is moral and economic drought every where these days, and as a person in my mid fifties, I can honestly say I think we are in trouble.

Never have I seen this country fall so far so fast. I am making about what I made 15 years ago and yet the costs of everything is so much higher. Health care is insane. I have insurance but can’t afford to use it because I have the cheapest premium so have the highest deductible. Outside of the annual physical I have to pay for everything until the $3K deductible is met. Until just a few months ago I had to work two jobs and was working 60-70 hours a week, and it just barely covered my bills. When you live working every available hour and make just enough to stay afloat.. any thing outside of the regular bills can quickly destroy a household. A major car repair or health issue can cost you dearly as you don’t have that wiggle room to cover  it. You are then faced with deciding to repair the car and get to work, see a doctor or make the house payment. That is a very difficult choice and one people should not have to make.

IMG_2640My dad gave 20 years to the United States in Navy. Worked on nuclear powered subs. Every one he served with during that time frame has died of some form of cancer. He was promised certain benefits for that service and the US has done nothing but change and reduce those benefits he gave his life for. I am watching my mother age and the benefits she now needs are gone compliments of our government. I look around and see veterans being treated with less respect and care than illegal aliens. Why are benefits taken from those that have served this country and benefits given to those that don’t belong here. I really don’t appreciate having to work two jobs to live and having the government take some of that money to feed, clothe, house and deliver babies for people that are not Americans. Seems this country should have a greater responsibility to those that gave a portion of their lives to defend it rather than those here illegally.

And what is with the fact you can’t have an opinion or be a person of faith without getting attacked. What possesses a court to award over $100K to a gay couple because they got their feelings hurt over a stupid cake? Should you really be in a position to get sued because you refuse to do something you don’t believe in? Can I walk into a vegan restaurant, ask for a burger, then throw a fit because I can’t get a cheeseburger? I mean they don’t believe in eating meat and I do. Is it my right to get that burger where ever I choose to eat? Is it then acceptable to take them to court for the mental anguish of being told NO? According to that court it is.

At work I get classes in accepting diversity of color and sexual orientation and yet no one teaches respecting others faith. Take for example the fact people at work have no problem cursing my God. When you ask them to curse Mohamed or Buddha they look at you odd and say that would be offensive. They never get that those that believe in God and Jesus might also be offended with something as simple as saying “oh Lord”. Maybe I should go to court and sue them for the mental distress it causes me. It is not enough that I respect your right to your beliefs or opinions, you also demand that I have your opinions and deny me what I have given you. That is NOT what this country is about.

And I sure don’t get all the desire to destroy the past. We did have slavery here and we have had our issues through the years. And there is no doubt we have a ways to go. But wanting to remove every trace of a Confederate in a statue, flag or monument because if offends people is getting a bit too crazy. That is no better than ISIS destroying cities and artifacts of past civilizations because they found it offensive. The world sent out a massive outcry wen ISIS was doing it .. where is that outcry when it is being done here in this country? I live in the south and just don’t see color. What I do see are people of all kinds just flat out being idiots. There is always a small group of people looking for reasons to be offended and to cause trouble so they can justify taking instead of giving. We had slavery and we had a war. We have had prejudice and I’m sure it still exists. Destroying statues will not change those attitudes and those offended need to just grow up and move on. Based on their logic, the reality is our Native Americans have a much greater reason to be offended and take issue.  If they have a right to remove the Rebel flag then Native Americans have a right to remove all traces of the white people that did harm to them.

IMG_2633ISIS .. Obamacare.. Greece failing.. aborted fetuses being sold for parts.. sigh.

As I look at that dry and parched ground around my house it seems a very visual image of what I am feeling about the current state of the word. It is hot, difficult to breath and the foundation is cracking. Having lived here in Texas for a number of years, I am well aware these heat waves and droughts can last for a very long time. I can only hope the drought in this country and the rest of world ends soon as I am not sure most people can take much more.


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