Spreading Wings

IMG_2967Finally .. the coop is done and the chicks have been moved to their new place! The weather was beautiful.. lower 90’s and a good breeze. I had to take care of some areas in the coop where I thought a snake might gain access, so I was in the coop a bit today. With the end doors open there was a very nice breeze through the coop. I think the girls are going to be very happy there.

IMG_2964To move the chicks I put them in my cat carrier. I was a bit surprised I got all 17 birds in there as I was planing on making two trips. I had their food all set up and changed the water to a two liter bottle instead of the small 20 oz bottles I had been using in their brooder. I also put out a container of grit. When I opened the door on the cat crate no one moved. Even tipping up one end of the carrier  did nothing but make them pile up at the opposite end from the door. I tipped the carrier more and started reaching in and pulling birds out. They made a beeline to get back in. It was a bit crazy getting them all out but finally they were all in the coop .. and they just stood there.

IMG_2962With the new surroundings the chicks were not sure of anything so they all just huddled together. I picked up one and put her down by  the food dish but she made such a racket because she was all alone. The other chicks had no interest in coming to her and she was not sure she wanted to move so she squawked.  In time they started to move around and explore. The lone hen made a mad dash to the rest and together they started to peck the walls, scratch the flooring and also check out the roosts. Gradually they moved away from each other and pretty soon I had chicks all over the entire coop.

IMG_2972 (2)In time they got comfortable and it was funny to see them run as well as fly  up and down from the roosts. The day was starting to end and the sun was setting when I got them settled so it was time to get all my tools picked up and put in the house. I checked in with the chicks before heading in for the night and was a bit surprised to see them in a little mosh pile together. I checked on them a few hours later and they were still all piled up together. Will be interesting to see how long it takes them to start using the roosts.

I think they are happy to get out of the tub and someplace with more room. Tomorrow I will see if the cat litter scoop will work for sifting chickie poo out of the bedding or if we will need to make or purchase something else. I will keep them in the coop tomorrow and check on them through out the day. The day after I will allow them into the run to explore. They should have a great time scratching in the dirt and hunting up bugs. I still need to get their water in the run set up but I can do that while they are out exploring.

Next milestone is the first of the year when the girls will be old enough to start laying some eggs. I am looking forward to those home-grown eggs as is the ever-increasing line forming at work with my co-worker. Till then I am going to enjoy having my tub back and watching all the antics of my new hens.



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