New Growth

IMG_3042I was dehydrating some of my herbs the other day and as I was snipping off the bigger leaves on this Basil I noticed there were smaller ones along the stem. So .. I decided to snip off only the large leaves and left some of the others on the top part of the stem and stuck them in water. I figured if they started to get funky they would either go to the chickens or into the compost pile.

The stems were pretty new growth and I made sure not to try to root any stem that was going to seed on the end. I also stripped all leaves from the stem that would IMG_3041sit below the water line. Other than that I did nothing special. Now about a week later we have some roots showing. Got to love getting some free plants. Today I planted the two that rooted into some 2″ pots to get a bit more established. They will still stay here in the house on a sunny windowsill until they put out some new growth and have an established root system. After that will pot them up and get them on the rain gutter garden. Now that I know how easy it is to root this plant I will make more cuttings to get few more plants started.

IMG_3075Temps here in Texas are still in the lower 90’s, so cold weather is still a ways off. My lettuce and radishes sprouted a few days ago and I am hoping to have something to harvest in a month. The spring radishes were really good and I enjoyed them so much have two tubs planted with the radishes.


The decent temps we are having has germinated the onions and the carrots as well. They have taken a bit longer to germinate but both are coming up at this point. The onions were just scattered on top of the soil and will be allowed to grow through the winter. Come spring I will plant these onion sets into other containers and properly space them to finish growing them to harvest.

IMG_3071The carrots I have in a taller tub. Those I planted in rows and tried to space them so I would not have to snip or pull seedlings to prevent crowding. The tub should be deep enough for the growth of the carrots and with the loose fertile soil they should grow straight and without deformities. These should be ready for harvest end of October .. right before we start to get the colder weather.

I had the darndest time starting my hot chili peppers indoors before the growing season this year. I did a lot of research and found out they need warmth to sprout. I tried a heating pad and even the top of an aquarium light and ended up with nothing. So I put some seeds out in the heat wave of Texas summer and finally.. after several weeks.. got some to germinate.IMG_3073 (1) I have re-potted the Habaneros into bleach and vinegar bottles with the dish towels being used as a wick for the gutter garden. I am going to have to over winter these in the house and the plan is to put them in my empty 55 gallon aquarium with grow lights above. I will keep the bottom with about a half-inch of water so the pots can still wick water up. As soon as the weather warms next year they will be potted into larger 5 gallon buckets to hopefully produce lots of peppers. We finally did get the Carolina Reaper and Ghost peppers to germinate. I was about to give up on the Scorpion and it too finally gave me a sprouted plant as well.

I have some herbs that also will not make it through the winter and I am still trying to figure out how to get them to over winter in the house. Since they have been on the gutter garden they will have the tails that wick water up and into the soil. So for every plant I bring in I will have to have a saucer or container they pot can sit in that will be kept with water in it. Will also have to make sure the all get enough light to stay healthy. Lucky for me I still have a few months to figure it out. In the mean time, just thrilled everything is growing well for me at this time.


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