Magic Mushrooms

IMG_3079I don’t like mushrooms. When I think about it I believe the issue is I am not fond of their texture. On the odd time I have accidentally eaten one I did not freak out or hate the taste. Still they are not something I would add to my cooking unless a recipe specifically calls for them.. and even then I evaluate if removing them will affect anything.

That said I do watch for them to go on sale at my local grocer and will purchase them when they do. IMG_3082They get sliced and then dehydrated.  Once they are dehydrated they are put into my Magic Bullet and ground into a fine powder. Why would I want mushroom powder when I do not like mushrooms? The answer is the powder adds a lot of flavor to recipes and I do not have to deal with that texture.

I have found a light sprinkle of mushroom powder on my morning eggs brings a nice flavor when combined with my usual garlic salt. When I make omelets I add anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon to the eggs when beating them for added flavor.

With the cooler temps coming I will be making more stews and adding the mushroom powder. The powder will again, add flavor, without adding any funky texture. I do not make soups but it would be a good addition to those as well. If you use a crock pot like I do to make your stews, you will want to add the mushroom powder at the end of the cooking cycle. I add it about an hour before I am wanting to eat.. I add what I want, stir it in and allow it to flavor the meal before sitting down to enjoy my meal.

IMG_3084Though I have not tried it.. and with my fondness for salads I should.. mushroom powder is supposed to be excellent sprinkled across the top of a salad for a nice burst of unexpected flavor. Maybe with the lettuce and radishes we have growing we will try this. Seems I need to get a salt shaker to keep the powder in so it can easily be used for things like this.

Pasta dishes also benefit from the addition of the powder. You see many sauces with the mushrooms in them, and of course, I avoid purchasing them. I also do not add them when making my own sauces. The powder once again gives me the additional flavor without having to eat the spongy textured mushrooms in my food.

Since I purchase what is on sale I have not been  keeping track of what types I have been dehydrating. For me it does not make a difference. But if you have a dehydrator you might consider adding mushrooms to the list of what you dehydrate so you can have on hand this versatile and tasty powder.


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