Sick Day

sick3Living alone has many advantages. I can do what I want.. when I want. I can change my plans at a moments notice and not have to justify why. The downside to being alone is you are the sole person to get things done. Money at times can be tight but you learn to stretch the dollar and make do with simpler things. Being alone for the most part is not bad untill you get sick and all the critters still need fed, the laundry needs done and the house needs cleaned.Ugh ..

Yesterday we woke up with a very sore throat. Texas was also getting a lot of rain. So I was not in a position to tie the dog out under his tree and take a nap. Even had the weather been good I like to look outside often to make sure Spencer stays out of trouble and I am also watchful of free roaming dogs that you have to deal with living in the country. Because he is still a puppy and into everything he spent the majority of the day in his very large crate. He can last all day when I am at work.. but when I am home he wants to go out about every other hour so getting any rest was impossible. We took it easy and pretty much did nothing all day .. then went to bed early hoping all would be better today.

Today we have congestion and nausea. Still not feeling better.. but not feeling worse either. So we are making an attempt to get at least a few things done today. The remnants of hurricane Patricia that hit Mexico are blowing through today. It is very breezy.. but not raining so Spencer is outside so I can get some things done and not trip over him every five minutes.

sick2This morning I made up some DIY dishwasher powder and am trying that out today. I love my DIY laundry soap and was wanting to try making dishwasher soap. I finally ran out of the store bought dish washing packets I had and was forced to at create something today to get the dishes done. We combined 1 cup of washing soda, 1 cup of Borax, 1/2 cup of Epsom Salts and 1/2 cup of lemonade mix for the citric acid. The mix was whisked together and stored in a plastic container. I filled the compartment in the dishwasher with my new dish washer soap mix and added the splash of vinegar I always add to the water. The first load is washing now so we will see shortly how well it works.

I am also trying to get some laundry done. I really do not have to do anything but the jeans today, as I make it a habit to have enough clothes I can go two weeks if necessary. It takes the same amount of electricity to wash a small load as it does a large load so I prefer to wash larger loads. The blanket we have over my bed spread to save if from cat hairs gets washed every week. And I have learned you do not add anything else in there with it unless it is pet related. The cat hairs get into any clothes an do not seem to come out in the dryer. Think we are just going to do that blanket and the jeans today. I can do the rest next weekend.

And that is pretty much all we are going to do today. I plan on getting some rest and will bring the dog in shortly and try to catch a nap. We do need to make something up for this weeks lunches sometime today. I have a few things frozen but not enough to get me through the week. And there is no way I will be able to come home and make something as it is always late and about bed time by the time I get every one fed and settled for the evening. So we are probably going to do something simple like spaghetti. That will get me through the week and we can only hope I will feel better next weekend and get caught up on what needs done  here.


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