Epic Fail

glasses2The DIY dish washing soap recipe I tried in the last post did not go well at all. Everything was clean dish wise.. but all the glassware had a film and dried with water spots. I did a lot of searching on the net as to how to solve the issue. It seems this is common with the DIY dish washing recipes. I added vinegar in like I do when I use a commercial cleaner and still got poor result. They were so bad I did a rinse cycle with vinegar added and it did nothing to reduce the film and spots. Ugh ..

The internet community said I could increase the citric acid [the lemonade], vary the amount of cleaner used, try washing soda, baking soda.. all the while my glassware is being subject to the abuse. I will admit I am kinda freakish about my glassware. I expect them to look like brand new out of the box after each and every wash. Each and every glass that comes out of the dish washer is inspected for spots and film. If there is any imperfection it is dealt with immediately. The reason is because there was a time in my life I had glasses with horrible etching and hated to use them because they looked so bad. Though clean they looked “dirty” with the etching. Because I was not in a position to just go out and buy new ones.. I lived with them and hated every minute I had them. Now that I have nice glasses I want to keep them that way. I am a firm believer in taking care of what you have so you have more money for other things. IMG_3362 (1)So the idea of possibly ruining the glasses trying to save a few bucks is not acceptable.

Being single I do a load of dishes once a week. If I bake or cook it might be twice a week. It sure is a far cry from every night. So today I went out and bought my favorite commercial brand. For $13 I got 86 gelpacs. If I wash once a week that is over a years worth of washing dishes. Even at two loads a week it gets me through nine and a half months. So you can see where it is more cost-effective for me to buy a commercial brand of dish washing detergent than new glasses. So at this point in time i am going to continue using commercial detergent in my dishwasher. If the current world as we know it ever ends and I am forced to make my own.. I do have a usable recipe and I’m sure dingy glasses will be the least of my concerns.


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