Texas Weather .. ugh

10.30.15 forcastJust before the alarm went off this morning I heard Spencer moving about his crate. I also  heard the heavy downpour hitting the roof of the house. Ugh.. dog ownership gets suddenly no fun in a torrential downpour. The alarm goes off, I hit the off button, sit up and pull up the local radar on my cell phone. Not going to be able to wait until the storm passes to walk the dog so time to get up and get dressed. I noticed several warning boxes..  flood and severe weather warnings. As I stood outside getting soaked and Spencer played in the rain and puddles.. I began to pray this stuff would be past me and where I work and there would be safe driving when it was time to drive in today.

flood-2I love Texas.. but the weather here can get crazy. We had years of drought that had water tables and lakes at record lows. All that went away after about 30 days of non stop rains and flooding. It was a crazy spring. Then, 30 days after the last rain storm I had cracks in the yard from it once again being dried out.  I can honestly say there is no middle ground here in this state with anything. It either is.. or it isn’t. And now we are back to “it is’ in the rain department.

flood-4I work in a claim office for a major insurer. And we have been busy to the point of adding several new adjusters and processors. My department is the one no one wants to deal with ..  Total Loss. These floods will mean a lot of vehicles being totaled and our days getting long. We do have a “CAT” team.. for catastrophe.. that will handle the bulk of what comes in related to these storms. But there will be an increase in accidents overall adding to our already heavy work load.

If the heavy rain were not enough.. by the time I was ready to head in today we became under a tornado warning.  I spent some time in a closet this spring when I received a text saying a tornado was sighted on the ground in my town. It is nice in this day and age to get timely warnings like that because I live far enough out in the country there was no siren to be heard. I like being prepared.. but hate having to use that preparedness.Thankfully, the drive in was uneventful and I got busy with the current days claims so as to be ready for the new ones.

tornado 10.30.15After lunch, a co-worker got off the phone with a woman that was trying to file a claim on her home and vehicle that had just been destroyed by a tornado just up the road a bit from San Antonio. She was hysterical and my co-worker got her to the correct department to file the claim. The tornado watch was serious. A little later we found the storm was still wreaking havoc. More news about a tornado.. this time south of town.. was also heard about in the office. This one managed to throw an RV on top of a building and destroyed some local businesses. Though the storm and rains had passed there was still the possibility of danger. We remained under the tornado watches for several more hours. I was pleased to see it had passed as I headed home.

floodMan I hate weather like this…

I was very happy to have good roads on the way home. There were no areas where we had water on the road and the areas where mud washed across the roads from farm fields were also clean. When I got home the chickens were roosting quietly and nothing was blown over in the gutter gardens. Our weather had hit in the morning and was not as bad as east of San Antonio got in Austin, New Braunfels and Houston. But we are not out of the woods yet. 10.30.15 forcast nightUnfortunately we have storms expected through the night with the possibility of some being sever with high winds. Sigh ..

So tonight we make sure to have a radio with working batteries and the purse and keys in a place to grab quick. The cats will have to be in the bedroom and we will close the door so they are not all over the house if something happens. If I am awakened by another crazy weather text or the storm gets bad we will all go in the closet.. again. This time we will have the puppy so need to have some chew toys in there to keep him occupied. Currently we are still under severe thunderstorm and flood watches. I don’t live near any bodies of water and heavy rains do not seem to have an impact on the area I live in, so the flood watch does not concern me. But that thunderstorm warning we will take serous. I have fingers crossed it will be nothing crazy and I can sleep through the night. I also hope tomorrow will be a nice day and I can enjoy my weekend. We don’t tend to complain about rain here in Texas  since we can get into those droughts.. but after storms like this I am happy when the pendulum swings back the other direction and it “isn’t” rain.



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