Fun Food Facts

With the holidays coming and turkey being a favorite food, I decided to look up some fun things about a favorite holiday meal.


When stuffing your holiday turkey, try placing a piece of cheesecloth inside the cavity before adding the stuffing. When you remove the cloth, all the stuffing will come out at one time.

Turkey is usually a better buy than chicken. Less bone and waste in proportion to its size.

Never stuff a turkey or chicken with warm stuffing and leave over night, even if refrigerated. Always keep stuffing separate until ready to cook.

A 2 1/2 ounce serving of white turkey without the skin contains only 115 calories and 1 gram of fat which is approximately 10% less than the white meat of chicken.

To keep the white meat on a turkey from drying out, try cooking the turkey breast side down, then turn it right side up for the last hour. Juices will not buildup in this period of time and the bird will be easy to turn.

When stuffing a turkey try sealing the opening with a small raw potato.

Dental floss makes an excellent truss for fowl.

Turkeys are more tender than chicken and have proportionally more breast meat.

Other Tips for Fowl

fried-chickenA three pound chicken will yield 2 1/2 to 3 cup of cut-up chicken.

To tenderize chicken and give it a unique flavor, try basting it with a small amount of white wine as it cooks.

Whether chicken is fresh or defrosted, never leave in the refrigerator for more than 2 days.

To thaw chicken, place it in a pan of cold water with at least 1/4 cup of salt added. You will notice the improved flavor and have a cleaner chicken.

Defrost a chicken by soaking in cold water. This will draw out any blood residues and will leave the breast very white.

Never buy a chicken on Monday. It is likely you will get one that was not purchased over the weekend.

For very moist and tender chicken breasts, submerge the breast in buttermilk for 3-4 hours under refrigeration before cooking.

Adding a few slices of lemon will make stewing chickens more tender.





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