We got our pasta maker and spent some time searching for some interesting recipes. I had purchased organic semolina and buckwheat flours and went looking for some recipes to use those. Since we have a lot of eggs we looked for a recipe where we could use a number of them. The first one we tried was..


  • 200 grams 00 pasta flour or all purpose
  • 100 grams semolina
  • 2 large eggs
  • 6 large egg yolks


Sieve flours together. Since I was going to use my new pasta machine I found these directions helpful. Instead of mixing the dough on my counter I used my Sunbeam mixer. It did get a bit sticky and I had to finish it by hand. I spent 10 minutes working the dough and it does change in texture. Then I wrapped the dough in plastic wrap and let it sit a few hours while I did some house chores.


I must admit I had a lot of full rolling out the dough into pasta. The only thing I did not like was I got flour EVERYWHERE.. lol.  I created a drying rack with some dowels and 2 liter soda bottles with water in them for weight. I ended up drying most of the spaghetti for future use but did throw some in a pot to try.

Fresh spaghetti does not take long to cook and I ended up using some Ragu I had in the fridge to top it off. I have a sauce I prefer to make up and have  handy but did not have at the time, so we made do. Even with a grocery store sauce like the Ragu, the pasta was delicious.

Now that we are making pasta I am going to have to look for some good sauce recipes. Though I love the mix I use to make up sauce, we may have to expand our horizons and try some new ones.

After the pasta dried over night I put the dried spaghetti in a large gallon zip lock bag for storage. I found that the spaghetti crumbles some and I may try to do spaghetti coils instead of straight pasta for storage. I have made up several servings of the spaghetti after it was dried and enjoyed it as well.

I am going to try this recipe again and use some fresh basil from the garden. I have also dehydrated some mushrooms that I ground to a fine power and may also add them to the recipe as well. Overall I really like this recipe and will be making this many more times in the future.







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