Buckwheat Pasta

My first home made pasta ended up so good I tried another recipe. Since I purchased some buckwheat flour I looked for a recipe using this flour. We found this one ..


  • 3 C All purpose Flour
  • 1/2 c Buckwheat Flour
  • 4 Large Eggs
  • 1 TBS water [+ more if needed]
  • 1/2 tsp Salt


As before I started in the mixer with a dough hook and blended until it got too thick. Then I removed the dough and finished the mixing by hand and kneaded it until smooth. I once again covered the dough and let it rest for at least half an hour.


I found the Atlas 150 pasta machine I purchased very easy to use and I was comfortably making pasta in no time at all. With this recipe I made two different noodles. The pasta machine smoothly rolled out the dough thin enough to make very thin spaghetti and another attachment gave me some wider noodles. This recipe gave me a chance to try out the pasta rollers that come with the machine I bought. When I made the spaghetti  I used a spaghetti attachment I bought in addition to the pasta machine. To change the attachments on the Atlas 150 you just slide one out and another back in. Super easy and I can see myself getting more attachments as I try other pastas.

I have tried this recipe with the Ragu sauce I have in the fridge as well.. and the Buckwheat adds a neat flavor to the pasta. But we are going to search for a sauce recipe that would compliment the flavor of this pasta and try it in the future.

This recipe makes up a large amount of pasta. When I do this one again I think I will divide it in half. It did dry well so I also put this pasta in a large gallon Ziploc bag for later use.

As a side note.. since I had the Buckwheat I substituted it for some of the bread flour I use in my bread machine recipe and absolutely love the change.  I substituted about half a cup of the three cups used in the recipe. I read somewhere that Buckwheat absorbs moisture so I added a full cup of water instead of the 7/8 C the recipe calls for. The Buckwheat adds a little nutty flavor to the bread and I liked it so much I will continue making it this way.  I am also going to get some other flours and try them in my bread recipe as well.

After two recipes I have found I enjoy making my own pasta. I also like knowing what is in what I am eating. I bought organic grains and the eggs were from the girls out back so I feel like I am making healthier choices in my diet. Though it does take some time, I will continue to make my own pasta. Since it stores well a day of pasta making will give me enough for future meals and is not much of an inconvenience. Now to find some good sauce recipes…






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