About Me ~

hutchThank you for dropping by my blog. I am a woman in my mid-fifties and just trying to keep my head above water in this crazy world. I have been married .. and divorced twice. Both times I ended up where I felt I was living in a war zone.. and in the end I was left in a financial and emotional position I wanted no part of. So .. I have decided enough is enough and I am just going to finish life alone. Don’t get me wrong.. I have great friends at work and I spend my working day engaged with lots of neat people. It is just when the day is done I am perfectly content to go home to the peace and solitude of my self. I work hard and my name is on everything I have now. Never again will I lose or divide up what I have worked for to another.

In 2014 I was finally able to purchase my first home. It is out in the country and I am able to enjoy creating a garden and am finally being able to have some chickens. I make hand made soap and and body products, shop at thrift stores and flea markets, constantly watch the free stuff offered on Craigslist and prefer to live simply. I like to recycle and re-purpose and at one time had a country primitive shop. With all the changes I have seen in the world over the last few years, I have a sense that we may be headed for some rough times ahead. So I am learning to grow and preserve food as well as becoming more self sufficient.

Though there is peace in living alone it often makes for difficulty in getting even simple projects done. Money is always tight so we have to look for free or cheap and do it ourselves. Being alone  means there is no company or extra set of hands when things need done. So this is my journey in making it alone. As alone as I can be with three cats, a Border Collie and chickens.



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